1877 Roulette Perforated Revenue Stamps

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1877 Roulette Perforated Revenue Stamps

Mensagem por lankystampy em 12/4/2016, 19:15

Hello there!

As you can see from the picture of my collection, I own a number of the roulette perfs for this issue.

The only catalogues I have are Barata (1985), photocopies of the fiscal pages of RHM from around 1999, and Luiz Curado's book O Imposto Do Selo No Brazil'

The Blue stamps appear to be (from the catalogues I have) new discoveries? Am I correct? All this information is from seventeen years ago so have the catalogues been updated since?

the 6000, 15000, and 19000 are all listed as 'nao emitido' (Unissued) yet I have used copies.

The 14000 and 18000 are listed as 'desconhecido' ('unknown') but again I have used copies.

Is my information out of date?
Have these catalogues been updated?
Are these genuine new discoveries?

If anyone can help with this I would appreciate it.

Don't worry if you want to type in Portuguese I can translate it!


Localização : London UK
Data de inscrição : 12/04/2016

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